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Six Degrees of Wikipedia

You start with two keywords and this website is going to find up to 6 articles that link two random keywords.

Eg. I gave Jamie Lannister and SpaceX


They first generated this crazy graph showing all the different nodes through which these are connected. One of the specific outcomes:

Now I tried Jesus to Bond . I was sure it was going to be complicated. Guess what came back?


This. Apparently there is something called Obeah which is a form of Western African sorcery. It has a mixture of Christian beliefs. Okay, I get the religious reference, but where does 007 come into the picture? Here: Solitaire, the female lead in the James Bond novel Live and Let Die , is said to have “the power of the Obeah.”

Crazy!! There is just one path which links Jesus to James Bond. Just one.

Next Pet Rock and Plank’s Constant.

698 paths exist, and one of those looks like this.

Try this website, you will be absorbed in it for hours.

Have Fun :+1:


This is fun, thank you! :smiley:

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