InSpy python based LinkedIn Users enumeration tool

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inspy Package Description

InSpy is a Python-based LinkedIn enumeration tool with two functionalities: TechSpy and EmpSpy. TechSpy crawls LinkedIn job listings for technologies used by the target company. InSpy attempts to identify technologies by matching job descriptions to keywords from a newline-delimited file.

EmpSpy crawls LinkedIn for employees working at the provided company. InSpy searches for employees by title and/or department from a newline-delimited file. InSpy may also create emails for the identified employees if the user specifies an email format.

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  • Author: Jonathan Broche
  • License: MIT/X11

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been in the situation of needing to know who you can contact in a Company. You may be a journalist, looking for the PR spokesperson who may grant you an interview so you can fact-check and publish your story. You may also be a service provider, looking for the person you can contact so you can schedule a meeting to find out whether they’ll be a good prospect. Or, maybe, you’re simply a Job Seeker looking for a Hiring Representative you can contact to submit your Resume.

Regardless of your situation, these are very good reasons for why you might need to find out who works at a Company, and how you can contact them. As you may be aware, there are many tools to do so, like googling their company’s website, looking at their Facebook profile, etc.

But, let’s face it, LinkedIn is where it’s at. With over half a billion (Yes, billion. With a B.) users, they’re definitely the largest social network for Corporate and Enterprise professionals around the globe.

Now, are you really going to go on LinkedIn and look through the full list of users who follow Company XYZ, just so you can figure out even who works there, let alone the person who holds the one position that you may need to contact? Really?

Probably not. And here’s where InSpy comes in. InSpy is a python-based LinkedIn enumeration tool created by Jonathan Broche (@leapsecurity). It allows you to search the LinkedIn user database and discover employees of a specified Company.


i have sent my cv to more than 15 people in the last month.
not a single interview call.
Now i will use this and keep emailing everybody in the company until i get a call. :angry:
Thank You.