[ IMP. ] How to copy a website URL with all files (HTML,CSS,JS,PHP)

Hi Everyone,
I want a little help from you all 1Hack members.

I want to copy the contents of the website [https://preview.pvrtechstudio.com/demo/alar_taxi/index.html]

This website https://preview.pvrtechstudio.com/demo/alar_taxi/index.html includes HTML CSS JS PHP (Laravel) files. I had tried some tools available on google but they are only downloading HTML code.

So please, does anyone can help me with how to download these files.

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Quick Copy | Copy Paste Content Quickly From The Web

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The Best Way To Download A Website For Offline Use By Using Wget

If you want more of it, then try to Play with Inspect (To grab sections manually) or View page source option to get hands-on it. Simply Google search to get possible Info on both options, how to use and why.

Good luck!


Thanks for helping me :blush:

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You can only get the HTML, CSS and JavaScript you can’t get the php,node, etc because that language runs on server not your browser so whatever that your browser render is HTML, CSS and JavaScript the php is server side so there is no chance that that code will be sent to your browser. So conclusion is that you can only get HTML, CSS and JavaScript files.


[PAID OPTION] The fastest and easiest way to do it I´ve found online is this one…

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[FREE OPTION] If, on the other hand, you´re a bit tech-savy, you can check this tool called HTTRACK.

HOW TO DOWNLOAD ANY WEBSITE FOR FREE ON MAC!!!(using httrack)(The Fastest Method)

The tutorial last less than 4 mins and it´s pretty easy to follow.

Cheers and stay safe!

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Thanks for help

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