I need help to open a shop on Etsy

Hello Onehack,
I am from Bangladesh. PayPal and Etsy payout method is not available in my country. I have tried to open a shop with my Payoneer MasterCard. But they are not accepting this kind of card. I have also tried with other credit cards. They rejected all of them. So I’m writing this post.

I am a graphic designer. I have a team of four people. We are very much interested to work on Etsy. It looks like a gold mine for us. We have researched Etsy. As we know, Etsy all about feminine products. Feminine types of design sell very well.

Is there anyone who has a shop on Etsy? Or anyone can help us to open a shop on Etsy?
We are looking for someone who will manage a shop on Etsy. I and my team will design for the shop. I’m confident that, it will be a profitable business. We are ready to share the commission for our partner who will manage the shop.
We can create premium designs for any niche.

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Everyone, be cool & be nice, and contact him via PM for further information.

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Thank you Chief.

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hello, bro, I can do many accounts Etsy as you need method payment PayPal for more detail Dm me on telegram for more detail bro:@adiltechs

I am looking for someone to design a logo for me, well, 2, one for my computer business and one for my DJ hobby. Are you interested? PM me please

hi, bro, I can do a logo for you computer business I am a graphic design and I am glad to do a logo for you this is my gig on fiver fiver Gig contact me if you need any detail

I can do it, I designed the new one hack logo. dm for details