I need help on some HTML code

Hi folks!
I’m making a website for my small business and I had an issue with something

so it’s and E-Store and the problem that I wanna receive the name of the product too in the SMS text when they click on “Order now!” but I didn’t know how hh
please help
:slight_smile: and thank you

that’s my code

the code

Page Title



that’s the output
Screenshot 2021-01-29 at 01.20.23

and that’s what happens when they click on “Order Now!” Button

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Take a hidden input field with value will be your product name
On submit you will get product name

<input type="hidden" value="Product Name" name="product">


How many types of products do you have on the website? If there are a lot, then only Html code will not work.
You need to add some javascript or PHP code for the product name variable.

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he can use json as data source.
And parse the json using javascript.

if he doesn’t want any backend interaction.


where exactly do I place it? if u can send me a screenshot or smthg plz