How To Use Openbullet + How To Download | Detailed Tutorial

Basic tutorial on how to use Open Bullet for Beginners

Hope it can help someone

Download Openbullet

Download Configs:

Run it on VM or a Sandbox ( ) for safety, It’s Unsafe to run any cracking Program on your PC

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STEP 1: To begin with, you are going to need a Combolist,

  • You can get a Free combo list (PUBLIC LESS HITS )
  • You can buy a combolist from trusted seller (PRIVATE MORE HITS )
  • You can make your own Combolist (for more advanced users who want to go professional)

EMAIL:PASS : Mostly used for Spotify , Netflix , Deezer , Hulu , FitBit , Uplay,Origin …Etc (Websites that require EMAIL:PASS to Login)

USER:PASS : Mostly used for Steam , Minecraft ,Origin ( Websites that require USER:PASS to Login)
If you Noticed I listed Origin in Both because some websites you can Log in using Both an Emailpass and a Usernamepass

STEP 2: We will need to use Proxies

  • You can get a Free public Proxies (Sometimes HQ)
  • You can also buy premium HQ proxies

STEP 3: Now the fun Begins

  • Load your Config (OpenBullet\Configs)
    Note: If you are looking for specific Config that you didn’t find in the list you can check by searching here on forum or get them from somewhere else.

  • Open OpenBullet.exe IMPORTANT: When you open it will ask for an update, don’t press either yes or no, leave the message open while you use Openbullet

  • Go to Wordlists

  • Load yourCombolist

  • Go to Proxies

  • Load your Proxies

Step 4: Before Starting the Program

  • Go back to ‘Home’ (Bruteforcer in the top left corner)

  • Click ‘New’

  • Click ‘Select CFG’ and load the config that you want to use

  • Click ‘Select List’ and load the comblist that you want to use

  • Put a Bots Number (How fast do you want it to check accounts ) on the top right corner based on your Internet and CPU ( I wouldn’t recommend going above 200 if you have a Bad CPU unless you are using a good RDP, some configs set bots by default, depends by who made the config)

  • Click ‘START’

Step 5: Results

  • Results are automatically saved on ‘Hits DB’ at the top