How To Use Inboxdollars Without Living In The USA!

This guide is only for those who live outside of the US if you are not part of it, leave it will just be a waste of time for you.

For those who don’t know Inboxdollars is a fantastic site to earn money! Indeed it pays well compared to other sites, you can earn money in many ways by playing games ( 7$ for 5 game win on Warthunder ) by watching videos, by doing surveys, with cashback ( even with free offers ! 2$ to register on a site for example)… all this with a minimum payment of only 15$ ( officially it marks 10$ but no payment method is accepted above 15$ )

But unfortunately this site is only accessible by people living in the USA but we will see how to access it without being American

Guide guaranteed without referral link or asbestos !

Require :

  • A VPN, the one of your choice but I recommend MysteriumVPN it has a larger amount of choices.

  • Firefox, (Did you know that even with a VPN Chrome give your real IP address to the site? )

  • 2.50$ ( Yes it will disappoint those who thought it was totally free )

  • Preparation ( you can skip to the guide if you don’t need it )

Preparation step 1: For VPN, you can take the one you want, but I strongly recommend MysteriumVPN, its choice of address is very high and little avoided to lose a lot of time. The address of some VPN can be blocked for some offers.

Preparation step 2: If with the browser you use the site displays a message like “Sorry but the registrations are reserved for people living in the USA” even with a VPN then install Firefox and your problem is resolved

Preparation step 3: If you do not have 2.50$ there are applications on Android like Cash’em All, Appstation … which allow you to make 0.50$ quickly by changing application after asking for payment, this application are scams do not try to have more than 0.50$ with each of them but in one evening you have your 2.50$. Otherwise I invite you to look around this section of the forum you will probably find a way.

If you have the money but are afraid of the investment we will see later that with 2.50$ you can earn 30$.

Guide :

Step 1: Activate your VPN and set it to the USA.

Step 2: Go to the Inboxdollars website and make an account, if you have an error → Preparation step 2

Step 3: Validate your account with the link you received in your mailbox

It’s good your account is done but it’s not finished when you want to enjoy the very lucrative offers of the site you should enter a phone number.
In this kind of case a normal person would say “But man it’s not a problem I’ll just get a free US phone number lol there are plenty of apps to get one!”
And that’s when it doesn’t work, in fact on this site the VoIP numbers (those given by apps on Google Play) DO NOT WORK you will need to pay to pass the verification.

Go to create an account and buy 2.50$ of credit with this credit you will be able to have up to 2 accounts verified.

15$*2 = 30

( You can stay on one account but the most interesting offers are obviously only available once )

It’s very profitable !

Now you have full access to the site! I will give you some advice

  • Don’t do the “1000$ Target” offer, it looks like an easy way to get 10$ but it’s a scam, to complete the third part you have to fill 10 offers but they are not free. “Pay a $67/month subscription to receive 5 bottles of wine each month” “Pay this $30/month subscription to a streaming platform you’ll never go to” “Pay this $12/month subscription to have easily found free activities on the internet for your child”

  • Do not leave your VPN if you are browsing the site, otherwise you will be blocked.

  • Be patient if you are going to do surveys, take at least 2-3h to do them, doing a survey takes time ( Yes all the people who say the opposite are lying no debate possible on the issue )

  • Other advice for surveys: Create a fake identity with sites like “Fake identity generator” and keep it on all your surveys, there are guides on how to do it on the forum, it will save you a huge waste of time.

  • Money takes time to arrive so don’t be afraid if after completing an offer your balance doesn’t move

  • Read the terms and conditions carefully before making an offer! Having 20$ to play Monopoly is good, having 46 levels is not so good.

Happy learning!


[quote=“NoBody, post:1, topic:195337”]
Did you know that even with a VPN Chrome give your real IP address to the site? )
[/quote] wow I didn’t know that . Thank you very much for the post and for this information specifically