How To Use Copyrighted Images For Free

1- So you will first find your favourite picture.

2- Right click on it and tap on the synthesys option

3- The extension will use Ai power or search similar but copyright free images on internet.

4- Don’t worry if you don’t get the picture you intended because there is always the option to ‘Try again’.

5- If I wasn’t able to help you then there is a video guide in download section. Check it out.

6- Good Luck and tell me if this helped you!

Download the extension:

From official site:

From the google webstore: https://chrome.googl…hbfenjmofkklnif

Video guide is available on their official page. Check it out!


Happy learning!


Thanks for sharing :+1:

Thank you looks cool

Please give credit to its creator.


Hi @WhiteHat
thank you very much for sharing with us.
This is very usefull, if works, we will not need to use others things to get images, also the image will be unique.
I will be back here to tell what I gott

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Thanks I had made this post on another site but didn’t know that people need it this much. I hope I will further benefit the internet world. You know it feels bad or you can say it hurts when the original creator had tried for days but someone else takes the credit.

But I see its beneficial. So I am happy! Dw


Hi all, I already texted the extension, very susefull but has some problems.
1- Images with people sometimes the faces does not has a good look.
2 - Some images come with the signature of a payed site like Gettyimages.
3- Images are 512x512
In general is very useful