How To Use Camtasia Studio Trial Forever | Easy Method!

Leak Of The Day!

  1. Have Camtasia studio trial installed (Make sure at least 1 day left of trial)

  2. Install and then run time stopper

  3. Open the file location of Camtasia Studio shortcut (it’s on your desktop most likely -> left-click and click open file location)

  • Copy the track of Camtasia location (Will look similar to this: C:\Program Files (x86)\Camtasia Studio 8)
  1. Click " Browse " in TimeStopper and paste the track of Camtasia location then choose the program CamtasiaStudio.exe

  2. Enter a name to create a desktop icon and click " Create a desktop shortcut "

  3. Delete the original short-cut

  4. Enjoy & the time never ends!

Download time stopper:


It’s confirmed this trick working so make the best use of it.



sound really great.
thank you boss!

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Another wonderful hack. Thanks @sam, by the way how about other programs can use same hack?


Yes you can, It is confirm it works with specific programs but no names, you can try them and do let me know so I will mention them in the thread. Cheers :+1:

Another alternative is RunAsDate from NirSoft. It works well with most of the trial programs.

Thanks for the post boss @SaM but I need to remove the watermark from the free video creation. Please can anyone help me on how to freely remove watermark from camtasia version 2020.0.4 ? I am working on some urgent project. Please help

Moved to adobe premier. xD But Thanks for it.

Get a cracked version of Camtasia, because as you said, the trial includes the watermark. Techsmith isn’t dumb.

Please do you have the working serial or how to crack it. Please help me bro.

1Hack is not the place to ask for cracks or serials, as per the rules. Check other forums like warez-bb (dot) org.

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Thanks a lot. At least you have given me a link to get the solution.

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