How To Unlock All Steam Achievements ⭐

Have you ever wanted to unlock all achievements on your steam game?

If so, here is fast and easy tutorial to do it!

It’s simple, just follow steps.

  1. Download

  2. Extract to desktop in one folder

  3. Once you have done that, you should have 5 files in that folder


  1. Log in to your steam account where you want to unlock achievements

  2. Open SAM.Picker

  3. It should open this window (If it doesn’t open the window disable AntiVirus and Windows Defender

  1. Pick a game where you want to unlock achievements (Double-Click on the game) (Not every game has achievements)

  2. It should open another window if so, click on Unlock all achievements


  1. It should check all achievements, after clicking on it, just hit Commit Changes in right corner

  2. Done, enjoy your achievements.

Happy learning!


already tes, work… but i worried my steam account baned, its that possible?

I don’t know if steam really cares that much about how you got the achievements but I know you’ll get rejected/banned on a lot of steam groups. Achievement groups and communities, if you don’t care about joining those groups I don’t think you’ll have problems. Just in case don’t abuse that much of this method… maybe give it a break between game and game or something.

You are not gonna get banned

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