How to Test Your Internet Speed from the Command Line Itself

Ever wanted to perform a quick internet speed test, but avoid a bloated website like If the answer is ‘Yes’, here’s a quick way to measure your internet speed using the command line.

speedtest-cli is a python tool that allows you to test your internet speed, from the command line, using This tool allows you to perform a quick speed test, view all available servers sorted by distance, specify a server that you want to use in order to check your internet speeds, perform only a download or upload test or generate a share result image URL.

You can use speedtest-cli on both Linux, macOS and Windows.

  1. Install on Linux:
  • Arch/Manjaro sudo pacman -S speedtest-cli
  • Debiant/Ubuntu/Pop!_OS/Linux Mint/etc sudo apt install speedtest-cli
  • Fedora sudo dnf install speedtest-cli
  • openSUSE sudo zypper install speedtest-cli
  • Other distros: if speedtest-cli is not in the repositories, you can install it using PIP. More info here.

1.1 Install on macOS:

  • use Homebrew. Install with brew install speedtest-cli

1.2 Install on Windows

  • Slightly more complicated but not impossible. Make sure you have python and pip installed and added to your system path. After that it’s just a matter of installing speedtest-cli using pip. See the installation instruction linked in step 1.
  1. Once speedtest-cli is installed, check out the options with speedtest-cli -h

  1. To check your internet speed simply type speedtest or speedtest --simple for speedtest-cli to output only the ping, download and upload speeds. For other options, see step 2.