How To Successfully Growth With Youtube Shorts 🔥

Learn how to grow channel by making shorts

1 | Picking The Niche
What Is a Niche on YouTube? A YouTube niche is the main topic, the main category that a video creator focuses on when creating YouTube content. The more niched down the topic is, the easier it is for the algorithm and your targeted audience to view you as an expert on that particular niche.

Picking a niche is actually really simple. For example, you could pick motivation, education, work out videos, and even Andrew Tate podcast type videos. I usually go with either motivation/finance/Andrew Tate (Top G)

2 | Getting The Videos
You could easily plagiarize video ideas or videos themselves. I’ve noticed videos WITHOUT watermarks and of course high quality resolution (HD) works the best to grow because duh who wants to see watermarks (unless its super transparent) and who wouldn’t want to see vibrant YouTube videos.
here are some channels I use all the time:
You could also search up videos with keywords like “Andrew Tate” or “Motivation” or “Finance” etc

3 | Actually Making The Channel & Uploading
I’ve grown a channel once to over 2,000,000 subscribers off YouTube Shorts. (not a flex fr) anyway so I usually pick channels that go with names like “Shorts Media” or “Shorts Page” or “Shorts Mania” etc. i pick good icons and a good banner like subscribe for free cookies etc. I find the icons off Google ofc like nice calm icons like Andrew Tate maybe (YES I MENTION HIM A LOT BECAUSE HE GOTTEN ME SO MUCH SUBCRIBERS BECAUSE OF HIS RECENT VIRAL-NESS!!!)
When uploading I usually just copy the person I stole (oh I mean get ideas from…) because stealing is a crime and violation of copy right hahaha… anyway enough with the jokes. I usually copy the videos description and I actually make the thumbnails. (hashtags don’t do shit)

4 | Uploading Mechanics
So what everyone does is spam. Sometimes with tools, bots, or just manual (I will not be providing MY short spammer that I use btw don’t even dm about it offering prices/buying it because the answer is NO)
What you will need to do is UPLOAD THREE TIMES the same video and move on. Here is what I do so when one of those 3 videos go viral I delete the other twos and move on. BTW: You are uploading the same video/.mp4 file three times then moving onto a different video. The reason why I do this is because you basically get THREE chances (you could even do like five or ten!)

5 | Success
So what everyone want is success. If you get your first hundred subscribers from this. That’s great. If you do not even get a couple views, delete the channel and repeat. It sucks I know.

Source: Onehack.Us

Happy learning!