How To Steam Carding Methods For Noobs & Pro

Insight to Steam Carding:

-Carding Steam isn’t difficult at all, however, it is heavily dependent on your actions and how you perform it at what level of precision. This tutorial is for the professional ones and as well as for the newbie carders.


Create a new blank, fresh Steam account. Make sure it’s not using the same email or phone number as your own, you are risking your main account if you do so!
Fill in with any feasible details for your account and make sure your profile is set up.
Log out, and turn on VPN. Preferably the US.
Either add a game in your cart or head straight towards the Add Funds section and set the desired amount.
In the billing address put in the address that you have on the CC. If it doesn’t have one, use other addresses but make sure it’s the same country a the CC you are going to use.

Fill in the details, and it should work if the CC is good.
If it doesn’t, create a new account and keep doing it again.
Disclaimer! : So you now how carded Steam and you are jumping up and down cause you have got your game or funds. Not so quickly, inevitably your Steam account will get limited or so banned in simple terms. You may be wondering Sicariod what’s the point of carding when I don’t get anything or lose them? Well, I have some tips and tricks up my sleeve for you guys to cash out on that unusable stuff.

-Ways you can cash out before your Steam account gets limited:
Find someone who is willing to buy Steam Game Gifts for much lower price than it really is. Reddit is a good place to find buyers!
Add them on Steam on your fresh account but make it look like its believable.
Purchase their game as a gift to send them to their account.
Card it with the given method.
He or she will receive the game and will get their accounts limited in the near future. But who cares right? You have got some money to now invest in the PRO METHOD so you can “really” card Steam.


Use an account that has its Steam Market unlocked, has Steam Mobile Authenticator, and makes sure it has no limits.
A good NON VBV, MSC CC. Do not KILL It after you purchase it.
RDP or SOCKS5. Personally I use RDP + VIP72 SOCKS5 matching the CC.
Card Steam Funds. (Self-explanatory)

Buy DOTA 2 or CS: GO ITEMS on the Steam Market.
Wait 7 days for the Steam Community Market ban to lift on the said items.
There is plenty of trading, gambling websites for CSGO, and DOTA 2 find ’em and Deposit your items.
Either Withdraw them in Crypto or gamble and lose all of them like I did and regret in the corner of your room.
And Voila! you have successfully cashed out. I recommend, skinbaron, CSGOEmpire, Gamdom to cash out.



bro im king of bets…nice job 4 this…congrax