How To Stay Secure While Using A VPN

  • Choose a VPN who approved an independent audit

  • If you are torrenting, allow your Torrent software to connect to the Internet only through your VPN

  • For qBitTorent it’s very easy : go to Tools → Options → Advanced → Network Interface, and you select your VPN

  • Enable “Kill Switch” option in your VPN parameters

  • Try to connect in a country which doesn’t apply Five Eyes alliance (so avoid UK, US, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand)

  • Never be logged in to your Facebook, Netflix, Google, Twitter… using your VPN. They will know what type of VPN you use

  • Turn off your GPS

  • For Windows → https://www.verizon…ge-base-206579/

  • For Mac OS →…n-services-mac/

  • For Ubuntu → https://help.ubuntu…y-location.html

  • Change your DNS. Your provider’s DNS are the worst…

  • You can turn off your security system in case it would restrict the VPN

Note: by default ProtonVPN would redirect all DNS requests to their own server, so no need to change the DNS (still recommended though outside the VPN). Not sure all other VPN redirect too, most of the bigger names do.

If you want faster DNS, there are Google DNS, OpenDNS, CloudFlare. If you want more secure DNS, there are dnscrypt-proxy , Unbound, NextDNS.

Happy learning!

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