How To Stay Safe While You Are Cracking

Use an AntiVirus, this is a simple way of protecting yourself from these viruses. I recommend Kaspersky Internet Protection and Malwarebytes on their own there great but as a combo there the best!

Scan suspicious files with VirusTotal, Just because your antivirus doesn’t flag it doesn’t mean its still not a virus. Check out what other antiviruses say. However, while doing this be aware that there are many antiviruses that flag a virus when there isn’t these are called False-Positives When 4 or less flag a virus it’s most likely a false-positive. Run EVERYTHING in Sandboxie, every program should be run in Sandboxie when your cracking, just in case a rat is encrypted very well you should take this extra precaution.

Most crackers/hackers use this already however you should use an RDP/VPS or alternate pc that is not used ever when cracking and NEVER use your main pc, this prevents people from getting any sensitive information on your pc that can be used to dox you etc. such as pictures of you and your family, etc.


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