How to setup Upwork Account and get Upwork Approval

Happy New Year 1Hackers,
I want to create an Upwork account and get approved by them have no idea how things are done

I love this community.
Please Help me.
Community is a power. Your answers are very important for me


Just follow the steps for account creation on the website. Once everything is completed your account will be on approval basis. You will get the mail from the Upwork about non-approval with valid reason. If the account is approved you will be notified on the mail. Then you have to do a verification call and voila you can start bidding now.

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@Skywalker thanks man, but i’ve tried two times but they didn’t approve my accounts. Do you know what’s the reason behind this? Please let me know.

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If your profile is rejected that means there are already many freelancers in that field and there is no more requirement for more entry-level freelancers in that category.

You can now just work on your profile and reapply. Include all your skills, your portfolio and write a good description of what you have done so far. If you can link your Upwork account with your Linkedin profile then it will help you a lot.

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Thanks dear,
But currently we’re working on latest technology stacks like React, Angular, React Native , Node js, Python, PHP.

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Still, there are many freelancers with that technology stack on Upwork.

If you can share your draft profile, I may be able to help you.

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Thanks @Haseeb_Ahmad
Look dear I am from UP(India).
Do this trick work only for Pakistan or any country ?

I think this works everywhere. You should try this. Later you will change it.

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@phoenix9200 @Haseeb_Ahmad
Hello guys, I also want to get approved my Upwork account.
I’ve listened from someone that I need a business or commercial email to get approval from Upwork
Do i really need these things or any further requirements?


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Nope. Its not mandatory to have a business email


@Haseeb_Ahmad thank you

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