How To Send Large Files Free On WhatsApp | Email 💯

Send Large Files Free: if you have any large videos files or any document and want to share online form WhatsApp or Gmail then it can’t be possible because they have a limit to sharing files, for example, you can share up to 25MB of files in Gmail. same WhatsApp also has its own limit. but today I will show you how you can easily send large files free on any online platform you can send to 1GB files on WhatsApp or email.

How To Send Large FIles

For that, you will need to install an application on WhatsTool using this app you can send any types of document, large videos, zip/rar without any cost it’s totally free.

  • first of all open WhatsTool and sign in with your Google account.


  • you’re done now just tap on that plus button and choose your file type you can send home, apk anything.


  • Now choose your file here I have chosen a video game of Thrones series which is approx 450MB something now you can see the small share button just click on that and choose the platform where you want to send so I’m sending it from WhatsApp.


  • that’s it if you want to download these videos just click on that link choose the whatsTool to download you can also choose the browser to download if you haven’t whatsTool. boom!!! finally, you are successfully sent a large file over the internet.




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