How to see history of devices connected to my Wifi?

I am looking for method to see history of router. Currently using ZXHN H168N modem with no logs option. Please tell me how to check history or activity of devices connected to my Wifi.
By any mean of DNS and from free software or method.

Well, Although not sure about your device, may be you can try to SSH in the router and can see the network/connection logs.

If that is not working for you then below are the steps will suggest you :slight_smile:

  1. Burp Suite/proxy servers
    You can use burp suite for intercepting intranet traffic but you need to have all the devices targeting static private ip of the device on which burp suite is listening as DNS. But this will work only for HTTP traffic. For HTTPS traffic you need to install https certificates by burp suite on every device.

  2. Custom DNS server/Nextdns
    Use respberry PI/AWS EC2 instance to create own dns server and use it in intranet and you will get all the logs needed else easy way use nextdns as dns to capture the traffic but everytime public IP changes you need to update that on nextdns account either manually or programmatically.


Set up a Raspberry Pi as an access point, and connect it to your router so that it acts as a gateway.

As all your traffic will first pass through the Raspberry Pi, you can do whatever you want with it - check/log the history, access entered passwords etc. Use fake SSL certificates to intercept HTTPS data.

And no user will be aware about the presence of the Pi between him and the router.