How to secretly read Whatsapp messages without the blue ticks appearing


Don’t want to reply to that Tinder date yet?

Well, there’s a way to read Whatsapp messages without the blue ticks appearing.

It should certainly avoid any awkward moments during the date if he or she asks you why you didn’t reply sooner if you saw the message (and even more awkwardness if you turn off blue ticks entirely).

Ready for this little bit of magic?

Well, all you need to do is turn on airplane mode on your phone before opening up Whatsapp.

This disables your 3G, 4G and any wifi access, leaving you free to read the message without the app realising.

Then – still in airplane mode – you need to properly close down the app. This means double tapping and swiping upward on Whatsapp on an iPhone or tapping the multitask button to close the app on Android.

Bingo Baango Bangkok, message secretly read.

To turn your phone to flight mode, check out the settings on your phone.:dark_sunglasses:


not working sir

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