How to Search for Personal Information by Phone Number | PhoneInfoga

Sometimes we need to collect information from a mobile number, sometimes we got calls from disturbing unknown caller and sometimes we need to collect information of our target. In this tutorial we are going to cover how to get personal information from a cell phone number .

First we use a tool called Phoneinfoga. Phoneinfoga is an information gathering and OSINT (Open-source intelligence) reconnaissance tool, which collects various information on provided phone numbers from free resources. To use it we need to clone it from GitHub repository by using following command:

git clone

The screenshot is following:

github phoneinfoga

Then we need to go the PhoneInfoga directory by using cd command:

cd PhoneInfoga

Then we need to install the requirements to run this tool by using following command:

python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt

This command will download all the requirements as shown in following screenshot:

phoneinfoga requirements

After finishing this process we can run this tool by using following command:

python3 -n [Mobile_number_with_country_code]

The screenshot of the command is following :

collecting personal information from phone number

Always run this tool under proxies or VPN or use Anonsurf. If we get a hit with bot then it ban our IP. This will lead to every time we search on Google we have to solve captcha every time. We all know how irritating is this.
In this way we can collect some basic information.

In other hand we can collect info of a mobile number from the search engines also, here we need to know how to do advance searches in search engines like allintitel:phone_number or allintext:phone_number as shown in following screenshot:

information from search engines

Now these days social media connects everyone and many of us provided mobile numbers in social media sites. We can directly search numbers in social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, as shown in following screenshot.

information from social media

Another method is online resources, like 411. 411 is a website where we can get information about phone numbers. Here we can do business searches and people searches and reverse phone lookup. the screenshot of this website is following:

There are some similar sites like

There are a very smart process to get information from a cell phone number, that is True Caller. Many of us uses True caller to know who is calling. It is also useful to find someone’s name by phone number.

True caller collects phone numbers with associated names from user’s phone book/contacts and save the data on their database, we can search phone numbers in their database. They have a huge database.

truecaller home page

True caller have a website also have mobile application. If we search phone numbers in true caller we have a high chance to get identity and some cases we also got the email id.

We have talked how to get personal information from a cell phone number. These ways are really working and a must know basic things for a cyber security expert or a ethical hacker.