How To Properly Change Your Fortnite E-mail | Verified/Unverified

Detailed thread on how to change your epic games E-mail.

Part 1:
Google ‘Epic Games, Contact’ and click the link that says Epic Games / Email Us.

I’m going to make a Verified E-mail section and an unverified E-mail section depending on which you have.

Verified E-mails:

1.) Give a long and detailed E-mail on how you have been hacked, explain you’ve removed all your other social mediums (Twitter, Steam, Instagram) but Fortnite requires you to contact them for change.

2.) They will reply asking for Purchase History/Accounts Linked/Previous Screen name or First and Last name.

Playstation/Xbox: You will find this on your CONSOLE only unless you purchased a PC account.

PC: You will find this on the Epic Games website under Purchase History, they will refer you to a link.

3.) Give them an E-mail you want it swapped on to, make sure to also do this in first E-mail as they might just do it straight away.

After this they’re going to change the email on the account for you. You will also need OG Email access for this.

Unverified E-mails:

1.) Tell them you put the wrong E-mail on the account and just realised you can’t unlink/relink accounts because of this.
2.) The wrong domain trick works (Caspar retard stole this from me and made an entire method on it, although I wouldn’t entirely recommend this as it can be pulled pretty simply if the person has original domain)
3.) The main part in this is Purchase History, again if you’re console it’ll be on there and if you’re PC it’ll be on the epic games website.

Now let’s say you’re unverified and you’ve only been sold the Xbox/PSN… you simply don’t have the Xbox/PSN login?

Go to the Epic Games website → Hover over Games and click ‘Fortnite’ click Login and when it says ‘‘Already Play?’’ click Yes and then use your Xbox account to log in, or PSN… make sure you’re logged in to them on the same browser ( and then it’ll automatically log you on to the Epic Games account where you can find the accounts linked, screen ID etc… but if the E-mail is unverified you can NOT change any of this or unlink anything, this is where you need to E-mail them successfully.

Best of luck.