How To Play Mozilla Firefox’s Hidden Unicorn Pong Game


It seems like every browser has a hidden game these days. Chrome has a dinosaur game, Edge has surfing, and Firefox has . . . unicorn pong? Yep, you read that right—here’s how to play it.

First, open Firefox. Click the hamburger menu (the three horizontal lines) at the upper right, and then click “Customize.”

On the “Customize Firefox” tab, you’ll see a list of interface elements to configure the toolbar.


Click and drag all the toolbar items except “Flexible Space” into the “Overflow Menu” on the right.


Click the Unicorn button that appears at the bottom of the window.


A Pong-like game with a small unicorn icon will appear on the left side of the tab. In this version of the game, the “Flexible Space” box serves as the Pong paddle, and the unicorn icon is the ball.

To play, just use the arrow keys on your keyboard to position your paddle so the unicorn doesn’t move past it. As Atari Pong’s famous instructions said, “Avoid missing unicorn for high score” (or something like that).


If you lose and want to play again, just double-click the Unicorn button.

When you’re done playing, click “Restore Defaults” to quickly remove all the items from the “Overflow Menu.” Click “Done” to close the “Customize Firefox” tab.

Now you can tell all your friends you’ve played Unicorn Pong. If they don’t believe you, just send them the link to this article.