How To Make Money With Twitter

  1. Make a twitter account and choose a niche, preferably NSFW as that is the most easiest niche to grow on twitter.
  2. Once created add a appealing banner and profile picture, then join the discord servers which i have listed below, once you have joined them started downloading content of them and post them on your twitter
  3. Then make your own discord server, copy the templates of the other nsfw discord servers and once you have finished you discord server, link it to your twitter.
  4. Once you start gaining followers and members in your discord server and your twitter account, create a channel in your server where you will link leaked onlyfans through linkvertise
  5. you only need to post a couple times a day on your twitter, and only post 1-3 onlyfan leaks on your discord server
  6. Once the have about 5-10k members and your consistent you will gain any where from 10$-50$ a day from linkvertise
  7. You can then sell the twitter account and the discord server



I am interested in this. can you send the link to your discord server/Twitter?

same, can i have the invite links for discord. Thank You

Wow that’s great. Can you please share the links of the discord servers

No link of discord, that’s just instructions on doing, OP doesn’t have the link as the main source doesn’t have the link either!

Good luck!

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