How To Make Money From Youtube! Legit Tricks!

I’m gonna hit you up with a MONEY tutorial for free.

(4 Educational purposes only)

Step one :

Go to YouTube and make a legit account,

That means you will need a “phone” number
(if you do not have a “phone”, you can steal one or you can pay for an Sms service online)

After you’ve done up setting up the channel up.
let’s get down to business.

Step two :

No! jokes aside, jump into the search bar and look for a channel that circles around the subject of pregnant women.

Download the full content video by video.

Step three :

Take the content you’ve just stolen and open up FL-STUDIO 20 take some nice music, something that doesn’t have a kick or a base, Chill material, like waterfall or river sounds or loft-i beats kind of shit, something that you can put on the background of the sound so that it becomes unrecognizable to the algorithm of YouTube.

Make sure to also flip the videos horizontally so it won’t get detected too. Start uploading.

Step four :

The Catch is : In the center of those videos displayed on the channel there will be a place for you to set up a video that sells your book, product, you will place that video in the middle, and in the description of the video there will be the link to your Amazon or kindle links or selling website.

So get a kick-ass selling a book or something, take the text and edit the graphics.
! Do some bottling positive reviews or create multiple accounts and write them yourself (Netero’s way) .

Step five :

Always works magic

bot a couple of accounts, write good reviews and shit, perhaps some likes, and some boosted views.
make the channel glow.

than start marketing your campaign.
use Facebook ads. Reddit, forums and wait for the cash to flow in.

Or get your ass up and start spamming your video links wherever you can!.

Extra tip :

Always target specific things that still aren’t fully naked, lol, shit that is unknown, like midgets, or tall chicken butts.

These are just tricks and truly legit, No crap if you do follow them nicely you can make it happen. So enjoy and look around you to see what you can get and hit up. Cheers!



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