How To Make Images Background Transparent | Easy Tricks

Don’t have Photoshop at your disposal? Want to make an image transparent? Here’s your solution.

It can be used by ANYONE and is FREE! Whether you are a photographer, doing E-commerce, want to remove your ex from the picture (LITERALLY)! ANYONE can use it and it SAVES you so much time!

​​​​​​STEP 1: Go to
STEP 2: Press Upload Image
STEP 3: Upload the image you want to make transparent

DONE! AUTOMATICALLY, it will remove the background for you!

You have Photoshop? Gimp? And need a plugin? Don’t worry! You can save time as well!

STEP 1: Go to
STEP 2: Click Tools & API on the top of the screen
STEP 3: Browse plug ins from photoshop, gimp, sketch, etc.
STEP 4: Click download whichever plugin works best for you and follow the instructions

Happy learning!


can affinity photo users add this plugin?

Great post. It works…

Great post. Thanks.

Excellent share. Thank you.

How can I use this with cracked photoshop where I can’t download through the Adobe website?