How To Make Firefox Secure & Invincible


Preferences → Privacy & Security → Enhanced Tracking Protection → Strict
Preferences → Privacy & Security → Remember history → Never
Preferences → Privacy & Security → Firefox Data Collection and Use → make sure all of the boxes are unchecked
Preferences → General → Network Settings → Enable DNS over HTTPS [Do not do this if you filter DNS requests locally through your router or something else]


Ublock Origin- great for blocking ads and malicious connections from malvertising. If you enable “I am an advanced user” then the add-on can be used to block scripts as well. I highly recommend enabling this to block third party scripts and frames.

User Agent Switcher- Allows you to change your user agent string to something more generic. Only about 3% of internet users use Firefox with about 96% of the web are using Chrome. Make your hostname show a different browser and operating system to blend in a bit more.

Cookie Auto Delete- Cookies follow you around the web, and some of them even mine crypto with your browser. One of the best ways to stop this is with Cookie Autodelete.
Whenever you close a Tab all of the cookies from that tab will be deleted.

Privacy Badger- blocks trackers from around the web
Privacy Possum- Similar to Privacy Badger but blocks different types of content.

Once you add extensions and made changes in profile setting, you become safer while browsing your daily needs!