How To Keep A Cracked Netflix Account So long [Trick & Tip]

Many people have some cracked Netflix auto renewal accounts and They find difficulties to keep
Those accounts working, not for a lifetime but just for a long period

You should know at first that I’m not good in English so the important thing is to get the idea

The second one that u should know is this method isn’t working 100 per 100
because that depends on the real user and his knowledge in the domain

But you will lose nothing just try ur chance by following those steps

  • First of all, while logging in click on remember me.
  • Log in through the app, or PC chrome.
  • mail-- Don’t ever change mail
  • Don’t use the blue color I’d, or main I’d,…use another I’d… if it has only one I’d… then use that only( or create another at your own risk)
  • Password-- (change pass only in giveaways, not when u only got ACC)
    while changing pass, it default tick on requiring all devices, you have to remove the tick
  • Most important never, ever, logout
  • Don’t remove cache or clear data…

Thank you for this information.

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