How to Install Kali Linux On VMware | Step by Step Guide

Wanna install Kali Linux but don’t want to use it in a dual boot? If Yes, then you are in the right place. There is a virtual machine software namely VMware which will help you to install Kali Linux on your system without taking any resources or without dual boot.

Table of Contents

  • What is VMware?
  • VMware Benefits:
  • Kali Linux Download
  • Install Kali Linux on VMware Workstation
  • Step 1: Create a Virtual Machine
  • Step 2: Install Kali Linux in VMware
  • Conclusion

What is VMware?

Before installing Kali Linux in VMware, we must know what is VMware. VMware is derived from the word Virtual Machine software. Virtual Machine VMware is a software that provides a platform to install multiple operating systems and application programs on a single computer by using virtual hardware ( eg RAM, CPU, Processor, etc ).

A virtual machine, usually known as a guest is created within another computing environment referred to as a “host.” Multiple virtual machines can exist within a single host at one time. A virtual machine is also known as a guest .

VMware Benefits:

Before using VMware workstation for installing Kali Linux, you must know the benefits of using VMware.

  1. If you have less hardware ( i.e RAM, local memory, processor) on your computer and want to operate multiple operating systems simultaneously then go ahead, VMware is for you.
  2. Virtual machines are completely isolated from the host machine and other virtual machines. If a virtual machine crashes, all others are unaffected.
  3. You can access more than one operating system at a time.
  4. Add or remove resources easily.
  5. It saves costs by running multiple OS on a single machine.
  6. You can install/reinstall/backup/move your guest OS easily.
  7. User-friendly.
  8. Easy to manage things.
  9. Recovery of the Operating system is also possible ( Using VMDK data recovery tool ).

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