How to import PSD Templates (changeable) import to canva?

hi, I have PSD templates. my question is how to import templates in canva so they can be layered.
please help me


Canva just import Image, Font, Music, logo. So, PSD can’t accept


You cant do that. Canva is a drag n drop simple graphics editing tool.
Try photopea. Make whatever changes you want to do and then import final image into canva.


Actually, my client wants custom changeable templates that they use their way. But I have on my templates in Photoshop PSD file. So kindly suggest to me the way or solutions.

Hi there!
I’m not much familiar with Canva but whenever I’ve to deliver such files will probably convert them into SVGs or any vector file which is supported by that particular webtool.

Also if you can explain the end usage more specifically then may can provide you a working solution.

Maybe this will help you…

you can use Photopea

Thank You guys :+1:

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