How To Hide Message In Images & Audio | Steganography Decoder Tools


  • Pc with Windows (Linux optional)

How to hide messages in the image?

I am going to show you two steganography tools for hiding messages on the image. You can hide files on the image with these tools. You can use any tool you want.

Method: Stegosuite

  • You need to have Java installed on your PC first to hide message in image. Follow this link and download java.

Now install Stegosuite. Follow this ” ” to get StegoSuite. We will use this tool for steganography.

Now select file option and open the image file you want. You can select jpeg, bmp, gif files.

Now enter your secret message you want to hide in image. You can add files too. Just right click on the empty area and add your file.

Now just provide a password for your image and embed it.

  • You can share it to your friends on chat groups of the telegram, random websites on the web, and nobody going to find it. Only the person whom you provide password can open it.
  • Now to extract message and files you hide with steganography, select the files option.
  • Open the embedded image.

  • Enter the password and click extract.
  • Now you can get your secret message and files.

I mentioned my crush name and embed it on the image and share it on my telegram group. The worst thing is that nobody got the message and the best thing is that I felt relieved.

Bonus: You can also use app called Quickstego to hide message or data on image. Install Quickstego on your PC and method is same as we did on stegosuite.

How to hide messages in audio?

Now let’s learn how to hide messages or data on audio files. We can also hide messages in images or other files using this method. I will describe the method to hide messages on audio. You can use a similar process to hide data on the image too.

  • You need to have our secret app for this steganography. Follow this ” ” to get our secret tool.
  • Install and open oursecret app on your pc.

Open the audio file on which you want to hide message or file.

Now add secret message or files on the audio files by clicking add option.

Now enter the password you want to set for hidden message. Then click hide option.

For extraction of hidden message click on file option at right side. You need to open that file

Enter the password and click on unhide option.

You can now see message you hide on audio with steganography tools.

This is the end of our article. You got some idea about hiding messages on image and audio. This article was just fun article while professional steganography is on a different level.

Source: toptechpal