How To Hack Snapchat Account Of Any User 👀

This is for educational purposes only!

  • Head over to or download the replit app from play store and sign up for an account, or sign up with google (preferred). After you finish setting the account up, click on the 3 bars on top right corner and select ‘create repl’. On the setup box, click on ‘import from Github’ (on top right corner of the box), and paste the url of this repository in the box, and click import. Once it finishes importing, it’ll ask you to enter the language and configure the run button. Leave the language part alone and set ‘configure the run button’ to bash

  • Once this is done, click on ‘shell’ and enter this: php -S

  • Hit run and it should give you options you should obviously choose snapchat ( or anything else listed on there) follow all the steps it gives you and then it should show the page on the link copy that link and go to a link shortner i reccommend but you can use anyone you want — this part is very important and you will see why later–

  • After this you want to take that link and head over to and create an account and a phone number when making this phone number I would say use an area code that starts with 8 so it seems more like a bot and not a real person here are some examples for you

801 area code - Utah.
802 area code - Vermont.
803 area code - South Carolina.
804 area code - Virginia.
805 area code - California.
806 area code - Texas.
  • After you made the number you will need the victims phone number if you don’t have this please look at the bottom of the guide for more info

  • Next you will want to text your victim something like this but with good grammar.

Hey (vicitm name), this is Team Snapchat and we have detected a suspicous login attempt with your account recently if this was not you or you do not recognize this activity please click here to review this or change your password (ur link)

Obviously don’t use this word for word change it up and fix it and I cannot guarntee this works but it works alot of the time and those dumb kids will fall for it as long as yiou do it right.

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THIS PERSONS PHONE NUMBER just try and ask around or if you are doing it by email use this site it honestly works really well and if you stage it right it shouldnt end up in the persons spam box just try it on urself first obviously.

Happy learning!


Cool phishing guide. Thanks

hmm. i get this error after running.

EDIT: I got around this by CTRL+C to wuit the program and then manually entered bash in the shell

I having the same error. What do you mean by “wuit”?

probably “quit”

i had to run “bash” instead of “PHP -S”,
awesome phishing repository!

(super cool, thank you)

Is there a sms sending service that works in india

very interesting guide and nice tool…

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