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How To Hack Facebook Account Using ZShadow :- Hi, guys I already published a post about hacking facebook account using phishing method. But that was a manual method, so here I am with another method, which is way too easy to use, and that’s how to hack someone’s facebook account using phishing and zhadow.

So a while back when I posted a method of hacking a facebook account by manually creating a phishing page and hosting on our own server, it was nice.

But the problem was, not everyone understood the part where we needed to edit the HTML code. Of course, many people in our community are not that much tech-savvy.

So, I thought, why not make this process even more easy to use and I am here now. In this post, we will be learning how to use zshadow to create phishing pages and then hack someone’s Facebook account easily. With the help of zshadow, you can hack facebook account using url.

So for those who don’t know about zshadow, it’s basically a website used by script kiddies.

Ohk! Let’s have a short and sweet introduction to our friend zshadow.

What is ZShadow?

Zshadow is a website, where you can easily create fake phishing pages of social media sites like facebook, insta, twitter, etc. and then share a short link of that fake page to your victim.

When they open the click and enter their information. Boom!!! You got email and password of your victim.

It’s easy, right!

I mean you don’t need to edit any code on your own or you also don’t need to set up a webserver on your laptop in order to host that page.

It will save your time and efforts.

Without wasting any time, let’s see how it works.

How to hack someone’s Facebook account using zshadow

Step 1 – Open zshadow website. Just copy and paste the below link in new tab.

Step 2- Create an account on their website. Click on signup button in the menu. It’s easy to create an account.

Enter your email, username, and password that you would like to use.

After you successfully log in to the site, you will see a list of facebook logos and the links with different languages.

Step 3- We need to choose the first logo, as it looks more real and then click on small button says English in the links menu of that first logo.

Step 4- Now after clicking on the English button, you will see a small pop up box with a link in it and a copy button. You need to select and copy this link or simply click on the copy button.


When you open this link, it will look like this.


This link will look so fake when you send it to your victim. So just go to, shorten your link and then you will have a shortened link, now you can hack facebook account using url.

Again I am telling you, phishing is the best method of hacking a facebook account, and that’s how they mostly hack.

But the success of phishing attack mostly depends upon, how much you know your victim, how much you can manipulate your victim into click on the link and then sign in.


So, that’s how to hack someone’s facebook account using phishing and zshadow. It was easy as compared to what I shared earlier. Using this you can hack facebook account using url .



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