How To Hack Any MiniCraft Server

Follow Steps:

  1. Download nmap here (This will be used to search after open ports):
  2. Open zenmap (Comes with nmap) and type in the following in the “command” section: nmap -p 1-65535 -T4 -A -v
  3. In the “target” section, put in the IP you wanna hack. If it does not work with the alphabetic IP you can resolve it with a IP resolver such as:
  4. After a while the output should look something like this: 25565/tcp or 12345/tcp (Basically any port that has 5 numbers)
  5. Now download a hacked minecraft client with an alt manager, I recommend Aristois:
  6. Log in as the owner (Or any staff member) in the alt manager.
  7. Join the server with the port you found.
  8. Done!

** This only works on bungeecord servers **

Happy learning!

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