How To Hack Android Phone Remotely Using Spynote RAT | In Few Steps!


How to hack android phones remotely : Among various methods of hacking android smartphones, using RAT is one of the best options. Because RAT provides you with various options and it is very easy to use. In this post, I will show you how to hack android phones remotely using Spynote RAT.

RAT stands for Remote Admin Trojan or Remote Access Toolkit. RAT can be used to remotely hack and control compromised device by sending commands.

If you want to hack android phone using rat which is in the same wifi network, you can simply create a server using your local wifi IP address as lhost and a port as lport.

But if you want to hack an android phone over the internet you need to port forward in the router. And if you don’t have a router, I recommend you to read my previous post about port forwarding without a router.

Now that you know how to port forward, we need to download SpyNote Android RAT.

Download SpyNote Android RAT

After download, you need to extract it and if it asks for the password, enter .

Note: – Disable antivirus before extracting or using it. Otherwise, the antivirus will delete this software.


You need to download and install these software’s before using Spynote RAT

Okay, first of all, we need to create a server part for our victim. Follow these steps correctly.

Step 1- Open spy note software and click on Build Client

Enter the name of the client

Enter app name

Enter service name

Enter version


Then click and switch to Dynamic DNS tab.

We will use information here for port forwarding, so if you have not read the post on port forwarding using , I recommend you to read and setup port forwarding in to get dynamic DNS ip address and port.

In IP Address, enter the hostname that you used in the website or if your victim is in the same wifi network, you can use your IP address here.

In port, enter the port that is given by the


Now go to the properties tab, and checkmark the properties that you want to give to your RAT.

Go to merge, If you want to merge your RAT with any other app, you can select apk file of that app here

Finally, Click on Build button. Now it will ask you to browse a patch file. When you extracted the Spynote software, you also got a folder named Patch . You need to go to that folder and select the patched apk file from there and then click on Ok button.


Now, you need to wait for one or two minutes until Spynote makes a RAT server for you.

You can find the server apk in the Build folder.

You need to send this RAT to your victim.

Step 2 – Go back to Spynote software and click on Listen to Port button. Enter the port that you forwarded and you want your software to listen on, click on Add button and finally click on OK button.


Step 3- Wait for your victim to install and open the app, when your victim opens the app, you will see your victim’s phone in the client list.

Step 4- Right-click on the victim and perform any operation on the victim’s phone.

You can do lots of cool stuff like Taking pictures from the camera, listen using the mic, get contacts, get SMS, get call logs, send a message using the victim’s phone, etc.

Try all the options one by one.

That’s how to hack android phone remotely works using Spynote RAT.



thanks for sharing but u need to share few more steps like how to encryt apk file to bypass playprotect and antivirus. because it’s blocking to install.

Thanks for Sharing! @SaM :100: :ok_hand:

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Awesome I can’t wait
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Download link not working Brother , help

Google Is Your Best Friend - Trust me on this one!


Good luck! :+1:

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Can any friend confirm if portmap.ip still works with kali or spynote? ngrok not working with kali since 2020 March as confirmed by a member of group.

How to find and remove SpyNote Android RAT app. :angry:
Which antivirus/Antimalware should i use to detect that kind of applications. :sob:

@SaM Please give me your previous post link, i can’t find any post about port forwarding without a router. Thanks

Allow me to add to your existing post another way or method of doing it.

How to hack android phone remotely using ** Metasploit **

Antivirus people have now added all versions of spynote as malware. Earlier the Windows executable used to run without detection now its getting detected. Soon the google play protect will mark all apks make using the stub as harmful preventing installation.

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