How To Get Xbox Game Pass | Ultimate For 3 Years

Follow Method:

1- Register a new account on Microsoft.
2- Connect your new account to Xbox, in region settings put “Argentina”
3- Now you have to buy 12 keys of GamePass Pc 3 Month Trial.
4- Open 12 tabs in your browser and go to:
5- Put your keys inside of the field BUT DON’T PRESS CONFIRM.
6- After filling all 12 tabs with all your 12 keys, go to each tab and press CONFIRM in all 12 tabs as fast as you can.
7- Look how much keys got activated, if all 12, buy Game Pass Ultimate from Argentina for 39 pesos and then you will get 36 months of game pass.
If you got 6 or more activated keys, buy 1 year of EA Play and 1 month of Game Pass Ultimate, then you will get 35 months.
8- Profit.



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Where i can buy gamepass keys?

Friendly Websites