How To | Get Unlimited Storage On Google Drive! ⭐ WORKING!

Get Unlimited Storage on Google Drive

To take advantage of unlimited storage on google drive, go to one of these sites:

  1. Enter the name for your folder with unlimited storage

  2. Enter Email address of your google account.

  3. Click on submit and wait for the validation message.

  4. Enjoy! :slight_smile:


You can find the unlimited storage drive on google drive Shared drives.

You are the only one on this folder and you can upload as many files as you want. (unlimited storage)

You can repeat this operation as many times as you want!

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but i don’t have full control basically they can delete all my files if they choose to?

Thanks buddy

No until you violate the terms of use.

I’d like to believe that as much as everyone but I created a TD from third link mentioned here and it disappeared without any notice 3 days ago. Mind you, I never uploaded any file on it so possibly no violation of terms there. it was a lordspantryofdowning domain from the third link here in this post. It is currently disabled and shown as ‘Under Maintenance’ in that link and by the view of it, it’s easy to deduce if site admin finds out something fishy going on, he could delete all the recently created TDs that are under suspicion flag. That’s what I think anyway :frowning:


thanks @BlueHacker

This links were already posted before in the following posts:-

Whats the point of posting it again?

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hi, [Syed_Fazal_Hassan] what is the terms of use.?

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It’s not private drive … be careful about this

I saw success message in Chinese then nothing happens how can I access my drive?

Check the drive of your gmail that you provided them. Check the shared with me section on your Gdrive.
It’s an working method. And have a success rate for some years. It’ll work for you.Don’t worry.

Actually there’s no terms of use. If you check the shared team drive you’ll find them they are provided by many educational institutions/workspace. And all of these team drive has some adminstrator to checkup these gsuite account activity.
In that manner, all of your files on team drive can be remove or deleted by the owner of that particular team drive or the adminstrator of that institution or work-force. @Syed_Fazal_Hassan

At this moment, if you’re asking yourself then why do anyone want a shared team drive !
okay, the best answer should be it’s not for anything related to your personal files or documents. rather than its safe to store your media files in here. like your movie collection, or tv-series collection. @Iftekhar_Mickey


right. better not upload your personal stuff & risk getting them deleted. be safe than sorry @Michael_Maness

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Not able to upload any files/folder to the shared drive

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