How to get stuff from China sites for free

Getting Free Stuff off China Sites ! :man_bald:

Heres a simple guide to get free shit off china sites like aliexpress and dhgate.

List of free shit i got :

  • steal toe cap boots

  • 2 x sneakers (1 was really good)

  • fake gucci bag lmao

  • some watches that i sold for 20$ each

  • 50% discount for a shitty phone but i also sold for profit (to a mother of kid that wanted it for kid)

  • some fake gold bars lmao

  • a gaming mouse with led lights

  • and more…

Its really simple. These chinese producers always want and beg for reviews and such.

All you want to do is contact them saying you want a sample product for a review and such.

Usually they accept immedietly and just ask for channel link and such.

The products are so cheap for them to make, they do nomt mind.

Note this does not work for high end items like watchs and such. BUT

you can do tricks such as half price and discounts.

but just use common knowledge and ideas. I have gotten free pairs of shoes and such.

good for working in garden and not giving a shit if they get damaged haha

Credits: DeepWeb07


What sites did you use to get to them? or where is the directory to explore them?

That’s a trick mate, and names already mentioned:

aliexpress and dhgate (any china sites)

Remember, now Daraz is also powered and sponsored by Alixpress, Alibaba & Alixpress are the same group.

Good luck! :+1:


Thanks Jenna for the info…

So you mean, can also giive us free things?

did Chief say .pk? Oh please, avoid making such useless comments. Better get knowledge before making statements. That was an example only. is the main domain. if you’re Pakistani then how come you buy from the outside location? it will redirect you to .pk & read above, china sites, the above trick works on china sites whatever site exits.

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how to contact them. can you please explain the process

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