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How to get spotify lifetime for free | dont need premium or family plan |

Please make sure to read “ReadMe.txt” if you have any
questions you can PM me and I can help you.


  1. Windows only
  2. Set and forget
  3. Blocks all banner/video/audio ads within the app
  4. Retains friend, vertical video and radio functionality
  5. Unlocks the skip function for any track

Download the File Here :slight_smile:

Virustotal link :- https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/8da661643f909ca65ad045e1b0d6d36d9fc8d2783f7f31a89c192a16bbcaf97d/summary
The code is obfuscated because the creator doesn’t want this method to get patched quickly. Enjoy :slight_smile:



Sir, please read the readme.txt file. The code in .bat is obstructed because the creator doesn’t want this method to get patched up. Also VT links shows the files are safe to use.

The file is OK, your affiliate link is too much though! Also installation instructions would be nice dont you think?

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Installation guide is in the readme.txt sir. Downgrade Spotify and for installation crack there are two options,

  1. Automatic:- Run install.bat :slight_smile:
  2. Manual :- copy netutils.dll and paste it in Spotify folder :slight_smile:
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Just tried it, its working fine, thanks @justclassy019

Hey, why is it showing up some trojan in Virustotal?
Also, I followed instructions and I don’t know where it installed. It just prompted Installation complete and I cannot see it anywhere.

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The zip is completely safe to use.
%APPDATA%/Spotify is the default installation path sir.
Copy paste it in run or explorer and hit enter. The folder must open up

Trying now.

not working,
did all the steps correctly

Thanks! Works like charm.

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I know patches for software are false positive. The person doesn’t have intention to misuse but ransomware developers distribute their programs via these software patches. Once I had patched bandicam software by disabling my antivirus. Though the patch was a trojan but it didn’t harmed my PC. But through this trojan, ransomware program got into my pc encrypting everything and I was fuc*ed.

Better use cracker version of spotify it is very easy. "rexdl, revdl, happymod are the websites with working mod for mobile application once use the same id with unlimited skips and more functionality in the web ver. go to site and download the mod. Its more easy.
Have a great day


crack for pc?

Yes, I have also been using this trick/crack for a year now. works great!
The only disadvantage is that you have to use an old version of Spotify, which I am fine with.

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tried but its not working ie i can see ads even now

Maybe restart and check sir, it’s working fine for everyone

can you share link?

done everything bt still i can see ads :disappointed: :disappointed: :disappointed: :disappointed: :persevere: :persevere: :persevere: :persevere:

Run Downgrade and install scripts again as admin. Close Spotify if it gets open.

Go To %appdata%\local\Spotify . Edit the permission for “Update” dir and deny for all users including admin/system. Remove everything inside the dir.

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Here, I posted another topic for it because I realized this post wasn’t working for some of you.

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