How to get instagram followers for free [100% working] [TRICK]

This trick is 100% working and tested.

Try it yourself for confirmation.
Process is showed by video to make it easier for beginners!


Nice one @SaM. Thanks for sharing the video.

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i made that thumbnail , someone copied from my video . i uploaded video on my youtube channel 2 years ago , channel name = py coder. :grinning:
my video is better than this…


Thanks SaM

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:relieved: Important that still works… I tried for a few and still bring some results. insta blocked me not for follow but after I hit some :heart: in a few pics… 24hrs blocked.
By the way… I agree that your video is better :smiley:

for gaining followers i will like to add something extra to this video if you are in niche kinda business for eg you have a fitness related account and want your content to be displayed to interested and and active followers go to famous celebs account in that niche and open their post and start following those who have commented or liked their posts and then unfollow them after this way you will have more real and active followers

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