How To Get Google Drive For Free

Simple method:

First box is for the name of your drive second for your email address now go to your Google Drive and see under shared drives or use this link…e/shared-drives and enjoy unlimited SPACE.

Happy learning!


What is name of your drive ?

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These are basically shared drives. You need to name a shared drive as there can be multiple shared drives you can keep under one google account.
It is important to know that the admin of these sites may have access to your shared drive. It is advised not to store personal stuff in your shared drive.


Yes, not only can the admin see our files, but more importantly, he can withdraw our access at any time, and we may even not get our saved files back at any time. Don’t use the space you get this way to save important files!


Creator created and removed himself. Is it now safe?

how much storage do we get?

EDIT: I mean I do read that it is unlimited but still limit will be there like 1 tb or something?

@paytokiran Assuming this is a G-Suite business account, this is unlimited. The only limitation is you can upload 750GBs of data per 24 hours, after that you have to wait 24 hours for that cap to pass then you can upload more.
Further, since this is a shared drive how much you can upload per day depends on how many other users are uploading per day.

I tried finding the written proof for what I am saying but couldn’t but there is this video by Linus tech tips on youtube called " I Hope Google Doesn’t Ban Us… - Abusing Unlimited Google Drive" that proovs my info. They stored 760TB on their drive.


A shared drive can contain a maximum of 400,000 files and folders. and can only upload 750 GB each day

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Hi new site, it works well.


Thanks, it worked!!

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check this site guys

works for me


I got one. thanks… Don’t buy google drives from someone… This one is working fine.

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Hey, anybody has a working link for this?

Use Search Before u comment Anything Like this There are many topics created around this

And one of them is also posted by me here


Its working

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