There are already many tutorials in the forum. Btw still I proceed to make this tutorial for those who are new to Github Developers Pack.

What is GitHub Student Developer Pack?

GitHub Education offers students real-world experience with free access to various developer tools from GitHub’s partners.

This pack gives you free access to various tools that world-class developers use. The pack currently contains 23 tools ranging from Data Science, Gaming, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, APIs, Integrated Development Environments, Version Control Systems, Cloud Hosting Platforms, Code tutorials, BootCamps, Continous Integration platforms, payment platforms and lots more.

Contents of the pack

Hosted search API that provides support from front end to back end frameworks and libraries.
100k records and 1 million operations (normally $150/month), valid for 1 year.

A hackable text editor for the 21st Century
Open Source by GitHub, free for everyone

Access to the AWS cloud, free training, and collaboration resources
GitHub Student Developer Pack members receive up to $110 in bonus AWS credits for a total of $75-$150

Install cloud applications in a single click
Business 3 plan (normally $49/month) free for one year

An open and powerful platform for spatial data analysis, visualization, and application creation.
Free account upgrades with increased database storage, real-time data, Location Data Services Credits, and premium features for 2 years.

Cloud-based infrastructure monitoring
Pro Account, including 10 servers. Free for 2 years. (OMG!)

Simple cloud hosting, built for developers
$50 in platform credit for new users

Learn Web Development from the premier coding Bootcamp for launching developers.
Free one-month membership ($149 value) to Community-Powered Bootcamp: a proven online Web Development course with a curated community of learners.

Powerful collaboration, code review, and code management
Unlimited free public and private repositories.

Reduces frustration and makes Git and GitHub workflows more approachable.
Open Source by GitHub, free for everyone

Legendary cross-platform Git client that integrates with GitHub.
Free Pro account for 1 year (normally $49/year).

Legendary task tracking boards that sync in real-time with GitHub Issues
Free Pro account for 1 year (normally $49/year).
A flexible, easy-to-use platform to deploy, run, and manage your apps.
One free Hobby Dyno for up to two years (valued at $84/year). (OMG!)

Professional desktop IDEs: IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, and more
A free subscription for students, to be renewed annually.

Affordable registration, hosting, and domain management
One year SSL certificate (normally $9/year)

Email infrastructure as a service
Student plan 15K free emails/month (normally limited to 200 free emails/day) while you’re a student

Track errors in every language, framework, and library
500,000 events/month with unlimited projects and members while you’re a student

Web and mobile payments, built for developers
Waived transaction fees on first $1000 in revenue processed

Dynamic A/B testing, smart push notifications and custom analytics for native mobile apps
Complete access to the suite of tools for native mobile apps. Unlimited access to the platform free for 6 months.

Learn Fundamentals of Web Development to launch your career as a developer
One month of access to a web development course that will get you started with HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and developer tools. Includes access to online office hours with experienced developers for feedback on your work and help when you need it.

Localization platform that easily integrates with your code base
One year free of the Starter plan, a $99/month value. Get 50,000 hosted words, unlimited projects, and access to translation partners to bring your software to a global market from the start.

Continuous integration platform for open source and private projects
Private builds (normally $69/month) while you’re a student

A complete suite of game development tools for PC, console, mobile, web and VR
Unreal Engine free while you’re a student (OMG!)

Some more have been added check here :-

After taking this tutorial if you can’t still approve. You can buy from me :+1: $15 each account please pm me for that.

How to get approved for students developer pack step by step ?

Step 1. Visit

Click on Learn with GitHub Education
This page will appear

Step 2. Click Get benefits for students

You will be redirected to Sign in to your GitHub Account.

Step 3. Sign in to your github account or create a new clicking create an acccount below.

You will see this page. Now remember this page is most important to create your GitHub Account.

Enter your normail gmail or email in add in email address.
As you see in the image above you are seeing something
How do you plan to use GitHub ?
This part is very important. I will write it for you.

How do you plan to use ?

Hello Sir, My name is Karan( your name ) and I am a student of class 11 computer science(Enter your academic details) from Delhi Metro College ( Enter your college ). I recently came to know about the GitHub Students developer pack from twitter. Sir, I am a computer science student and this pack is completely worth for me. As I am learning frontend web developing this pack can help me get courses for free. Sir, but my poor bad luck. I dont have a .edu email as our institution doesn’t have any mailbox. Sir, please I can provide you proof of my certificate and Identity Card of my institution if required. Sir, this pack will be great for my further learning and projects in frontned web development. I will get a domain name with digitalocean and aws educate. This will be awesome for me to host my codes and make my website go live. Please Sir, I really require your help. Thank You Sir. I am waiting for your further replies.

Submit your information then.

After completing this you will recieve an email to upload proof of your institution.
Simple just take a snap of your front and back of you Identity Card and upload it to GitHub. They will verify you within few hours. Remember don’t upload expired academic details. Or you will recieve rejection. Your academic details should be atleast one year or six months left to be expired.


Also, if you have been provided with a college specific email ID from your university this much of a paragraph wouldn’t be required. Basically just write what you have been working on and what you plan to do further (3-4 sentences would suffice).
Take the above stated paragraph by @TheSpecialOne as an example and write in your own words. Simple and efficient.

Thanks @TheSpecialOne for the post. Hope it will be helpful to other users.:slight_smile:


Yes i forgot to add this but if .edu emails from GitHub verified University or colleges it just takes 2-3 hours to verify.


Nice tutorial :slightly_smiling_face:, sometime it takes more than a week.


It doesn’t :laughing: if you follow this. It minds how much you write what you write.


Thanks alot @TheSpecialOne , it only take me a couple second to become member github student education by using my edu mail.


How were you able to get a edu email. Can you link me and help me get one? Thanks so much.


Here is the topic.


do you upload real .edu or ID Card?


I have .edu email but it’s asking for student ID, what should I do to get it without student ID


You can’t do anything… Only if your college is linked with GitHub the edu email will be qualified else you cannot.


I also have mail account but no ID card. Is there any way to get this package with fake ID card?


Thanks. I got mine by this method.
Once again thanks a lot.


i don’t remember how i found this forum,but i should’ve discovered it sooner.
Thanks(i got my pack from your advice)


So I applied and waited for days but upon receiving the email yesterday unfortunately my application wasn’t accepted. I used mail for the application.

Any advice which edu mail works best for fast approval?

Thanks in advance.

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Don’t use any fake edu email. Use your own email address and upload your real id card.


I got mine. thanks a lot :smiley:

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Try this method


Students from which stream are eligible for this offer? From where can I get sample documents from eligible university which are required for approval. I want to do some photoshop from an graphics expert friend of mine.

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It is asking for id card when I register on github.

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