How To Get Free StockX Stuff

Method 1: Login with the stock x acc you bought on ur phone

  • Go to “Profile” and check “Buying” for any insight on recent orders and how much you should spend
  • Find any random item in the store and click on it
  • Click on “Buy” in the top left which should bring you to a screen where at the bottom it shows the payment method and address
  • Click on “Payment Method” and click “Change Payment Method” get a pre-paid card from a local store or a dollar tree and use that as a dummy card to the account and save it, with the billing address being your drop location / whereever you want it to be shipped
  • Save the changes and make sure your address has been updated
  • Now, click back on the payment method and delete the prepaid card you just added
  • Choose the account owners card and it should let you save it with your drop address
  • You are now done with the phone part.
  • Go to your PC and find an item under $500 preferably and order it
  • E-mail bomb the e-mail that’s attached to the account a few time to make sure they won’t see the payment you just made and you’re now done.
  • Fingers crossed you will receive your product

Method 2 : Login to the StockX account through the app

  • Find a pair a shoes or item you’d like to purchase
  • Click Buy
  • Keep the address the same and checkout with the Payment Method that’s on the account Email Bomb the email
  • Change all info on the account
  • Go to help center and email them saying you’d like to change the address and that you accidentally sent it to the wrong address
  • Within 24hrs, they’ll email back saying they will change the address for you