How To Get Free & Paid Proxy For Cracking

This is what you will need:

  1. Email Yahoo/Gmail or other popular mail service
  2. Network

Follow this easy steps

  1. Search Proxyaxe in your browser
  2. Register new account and chose FREE PLAN
  3. Make sure you have access to your email
  4. After registered, go to Subscription > and click browse product
  5. Now you can order free plan without CC/Payment
  6. Confirm your OTP in email
  7. Confirm and make sure to bind your IPV4 to proxy
  8. Now you can use your ROTATING 4G PROXY

Get paid proxies for free

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How To Get
Temp Mail Works For Sign Up So Ya Do That Stuff…
Limit for free plan on this website is 1 GB bandwidth.
On the left side bar go to IP Authentication tab and add your IP to the list.
You Can’t Choose Proxies By Country On Free Plan
You Have To Use the 5500x Proxies mixed proxies
They Are Obviously Better Than Other Free Proxies
Go to List tab.
Set authentication method to IP authentication.
Proxy list mode as “no-gap assignment” then download the proxy list.
Proxy Type Here Is HTTP/HTTPS.

CPM will be very less (better than free proxies though) on netflix
You can use this many times you want but remember to remove your ip after exhausting 1gb bandwidth.

Happy learning!