How To Get Free Live CC For Carding V 2.0

Hello, guys, this video was made by me a few weeks before. I did not intend to publish it here. But I have seen the carding tutorial post. This thread belongs that Carding subject if anyone needs further input.

Watch the video instead of Download:!6bIjBIwZ!QahpFti_nqi-btYopfKB-meN3o1oBvcXJYWCB_ewVf4


this is nice. currently watching it.


wow bro, this is very detailed tutorial. But since we are here discussing about carding, can you please mention basic security we need to opt so that we won’t get tracked? maybe in this thread or in a new thred. I’d really appreciate that


Wouldn’t just Tor and Vpn work?

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Hi, great tutorials, please can you teach me carding?

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