How To Get Free 1 Month Crunchyroll Account

  1. IP : US

  2. go to

  3. PUT 55703976xxxxxxxx in bin section

  4. generate 100 cc

  5. go to

  6. Check your CC

  7. take Valid CC

  8. go to

  9. Create an account

  10. Go to “try free”

  11. Put your CC Information ( ZIP CODE : 10080 )

  12. (if it didn’t work, try another card)

  13. Link your VRV account with Crunchy roll

  14. ENJOY 1 MONTH!

Happy learning!


Not working…

Thanks, worked for me on 1st try

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thanks, it works for me tho

Works for me. Thanks alot.

It works 13-3-2021 Thank you

Working on 14-03-21. Thx

:outbox_tray:| BIN: 489504643267xxxx
:outbox_tray:| FECHA: 04/24
:outbox_tray:| CVV: rnd
:postbox:| IP: OWN


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tried many cc with exact same method you told but not working… Kindly guide me

You need to check them first which you can do from here → and use them on crunchyroll not vrv

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I’ve tried it several times but I couldn’t successfully make a account with free trial. Can you please help me by making an account and giving it to me.

Ok PM but don’t change the Pass

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