How To Get ChatGPT 4 For Free | No Limits


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Step 1: Open VSCode
Step 2: Go to extentions
Step 3: Search “ChatGPT 4”
Step 4: Click on the first one

Step 5: Install it
Step 6: click on the icon for it on the left bar


Step 7: Register with your credentials
Step 8: Go to settings & choose which you want (3.5 turbo or 4)

Step 9: enjoy some free chatgpt with no limits

Happy learning!


:+1: It works thank you for sharing :smile:

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Thanks for sharing :+1:

Thank you :+1:

Its working.Grezt share

Boo @PlayBoy83
The extension shows up “there’s no token left for ChatGPT 4”
Upgrade plan requires $22


working just tried

Thank you, very helpful

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This is not running on ChatGPT 4 after changing the setting into gpt 4.
Correct me if i mistakes.


it shows, chat GPT-3 is unlimited but ChatGpt token is=0


Thank you works very good.

Main plan of chatgpt 4 in their official website
it costs $20

And this shitty extension costs $22 dollar where one can easily buy it and use its api to serve lots of customer.

true, please check what yo post. Anyone can get gpt3, the gpt4 isnt working on this extension so its useless. And if we had to pay any money for gpt4, we would pay 20$ to get gpt plus rather 22$ here

Thanks for the share, PlayBoy83. Appreciated.

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I’ve installed it and thanks but then I’m new to using VS. Kindly tell me few steps on how to use this extension as I would do on the main openai site.
Thanks for your help

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For now, it is not working as all GPT-4 credits have been used.

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not working :frowning:

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