How To Get Canva Pro Free

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If someone already posts that then sorry for again posting but I searched I didn’t found any post regarding this.

Here are the steps of getting canvas pro free for a month without using your email or credit card

  • Go to
  • Login into via any fake Gmail id because Canva doesn’t do any verification so use any mail comes into your mind even [email protected]
  • Then Go to
  • Create a credit card using [527253 ]bin number
  • Now claim your Canva pro account using this fake credit card

Note - You can create unlimited accounts using this trick

Bonus - You can also claim free trial on Wordai and Article Forge and 30 Days MOZ PRO also ( in Moz use any US, Uk address and name of cardholder )

Thanks, everyone and if I do any mistake is am sorry.

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Did you check this on article forge? I don’t think it’s working with this

not working.


use [531978] bin number, Its Working TESTED…respect :pray: :pray:


yeah, it works. thanks, buddy.

Is it free for life time ?

Thanks, Canva is working with this trick.

Really appreciate the time taken to share these.

Thanks once again.

working as fuck


how many days of usage is the limit for the canva pro?

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30 days
But you can repeat as many as time you like.


Thanks @Astrid

It works, thank you!

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No! only 30 [email protected]_Spy.As long as the bin
( 531978 ) works you can always extend another 30 by using this trick.

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531978 BIN is working. Thank you !

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I always have this phobia about BINs! Recently my PayPal bank account was debited when I tried to use a fake credit card using a BIN (I added the credit card to my account & set it as default but the program still charged my debit card!!) I had to cancel immediately and ask the provider for refund. Still waiting!

When you say “fake credit card”, is it really fake (virtual/nonexisting)? Or does it belong to some real person, and we’re only trying to hack the credit card for trial offers?

Can someone please educate me. TIA

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:pray: :pray:

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Thanks buddy it work awesome.

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Yeah…It Works…Love you astrid…

Canva is working with this trick. Thank

Please do something about ArticleForge it doesn’t work