How To Get Anything From Mega & Other Hosters | One-Click & Baam!

It’s pretty simple just enter the site and type what you looking for and leech it.

Use the link to search through the file hoster. You can sort results by upload time on the top right, Combos, Tools, Etc, friendly!

Open & Type Keywords!

Open & Type Keywords! Upload-4ever

Open & Type Keywords!

Open & Type Keywords! Mega.Nz

!!!- Credit To Luneam Via Nulled -!!!

For Throwbin, Anonfiles & Telegram Follow This Topic:



Thanks Chief.


Thanks a Bunch.You are amazing

what we can do with this? can you please explain?

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Thank you very much. :pray:

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Same bro , I try many things but always get no results

Thank you very much I’ll give a try

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