How To Get Any Chess Username | An OG Username!

This method is quite simple and has a high success rate…

  1. Have a account that’s pretty active, It doesn’t really matter what date you signed up on but make sure you’re actively playing chess.

  2., Find a name that you want, the account must be inactive for at least 5 years or older (You get more successful the older the account is) and the account is closed.

  3. https://support.ches…/346-contact-us Contact support and say something on the lines of, You don’t have to follow this format but make sure to be polite to the support members as you will have an higher chance of getting the account you want.
    “Hello! I’m requesting the username [The username you want], My current username is [Your username], However, I want to request the username [Make sure your account name is somewhat similar or has a relation to the account you want], as I check the person profile and he closed his account and the last game he played was in [The year], If I could get his username that would be awesome.
    Thanks, [Your Name].”

  4. Wait a couple of days and boom! You got yourself an og or cool username!


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