How To Get Amazon Twitch Prime Free | Bin Method!

  1. Go to

  2. Sign up with your Gmail

  3. Use namsogen 464691360030xxxx 11/22

  4. Copy the codes and go to cc checker

  5. If a card is a life try it should work if not try another card till works

  6. You must have a valid Canadian address

Enjoy! :blush:


Thanks for the bin.

The Info that you required is reading the FAQ before I catch you asking such things here and there.

Does Requesting Bins/Cookies/Generators/Cards/Cracks/Serial Keys Allowed?

No! Requesting BIN/Cookie… etc. are not allowed, you can’t request for bins/cookies or any bin methods to get accounts via Topic nor via a reply on any thread. Warning, avoid asking for bin methods to get accounts.

You can see bins/cookies related topics here just use them, but requesting for the given one has expired or any new bins/cookies/generators Not Allowed .


amazon prime not working! need vpn or not?

Sorry brother, didn’t mean that.
You’ve made a point, I’ll take care of it in future.

yooo its working…

Prometheus you are god. thank you …

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Does anybody know how to bypass sms otp for register in amazon? Got lucky once; did not ask for sms verification.

thanks is work

Thanks mate worked :slight_smile:

hello guys can any one help me
i need phone number for that and i cant get it :frowning:
sorry for my bad english

Worked for me

how did you pass otp phone number ?


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Textnow number

Only works for prime video if you are outside from us , for mobile number verification use your mobile number then remove it so you use one no. Again and again else use textnow but sometimes it not worked

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" There was an error validating your payment method. Please update or add a new payment method and try again." I keep getting this, can someone dm me and help me?

how did u do?

Thanks It worked!

can u please make 1 for me it didnt work for me and i really need a twitch prime accct plz